About us

The Demolished Plant - 2006


The Founding

Electra Co. For Industry & Trading was founded in 1988 by Mr. Ali Charara and Mr. Maarouf Abi Samra, merging their mechanical and electrical expertise. The company’s start up in manufacturing was in a 500 m2 warehouse with the basic manufacturing tools and the assistance of 5 technicians and workers only. At its beginning, the company focused on the needs of the Lebanese market, with the insistence on the use of the best available raw materials to guarantee durability of products.

The Growth

In 1995, Electra Co. started to make headway in the manufacturing industry for the local Lebanese and regional markets. Upgrading became necessary and expansion was the solution. The company moved to a 1500 m2 area and acquired new automated machinery. The result was high-end products with what concerns durability and finishing. During this period, Electra Co. became to be specialized in metalware manufacturing and the production of a new generation of European-style industrial enclosures [standard and custom-made sizes]. This helped the company expand its market presence to reach the Middle East & South America.

The Expansion 

Seeking continuous development, Electra Co. undergoes periodic research studies in order to check the standing of its products vis-à-vis European products. In 2005, circumstances allowed for another upgrading. The company, yet again, moved to a larger premises of 2500 m2. Advanced manufacturing machines were bought, installed and equipped, ready for operation.

The Downfall

During the Israeli attack on Lebanon, the area in which the new premises was located was heavily bombarded and totally demolished. The same happened to our new factory.


The Revival

In spite of the catastrophic incident, that period during the life span of Electra Co. was considered as its harvest period. Our country, bank, suppliers and clients stood by our side, refusing to leave us in the painful incident that we went through. So it happened. Not only we were able to stand on our feet again, but with the assistance of all the above, we were able to buy a 3800 m2 plot of land on which we constructed a plant of 7000 m2, equipped with new high-tech machinery. Armed with new momentum, our loyal and qualified employees were able to resume manufacturing with best-promised specifications in no time.